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Residential and Industrial Electrical Services

At Valu Electric we provide the highest professional quality elctrical services.

Covering areas all over Ventura County, we offer same day services on most of the electrical related issues.

From a project’s inception phase to completion, clients count on our expertise to reduce their construction time and help them realize some of their goals completing more projects, improving the bottom line and offering their customers unrivaled services.
We trust that with the above combined experience and expertise, you will have full confidence in our electricians having full capability required for the execution of your projects.

Some of our services include:

• Installation of lights and lighting controls
• Installation of switch gears and transformers
• Installation and trouble shooting of motor controls
• Installation of EMT and rigid conduits for race ways

• Servicing low voltage and high voltage service
• Installation and repair of underground services
• Installation of grounding conductors
• Installation of services for new production equipment

We are gifted to visit your residence or commercial and project a scheme that will encounter your requirements no matter how great or minor. Our company is very quick and reliable in our services. If you would prefer, start out with a straightforward scheme today, and enhance to it as you sense the want for extra defense. That's the magnificence of a system that is wireless. Whether you are absorbed in consuming a scheme installed for robbery, fire or ecological monitoring reasons, Valu Electric is talented to deliver that service.

Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Free upfront estimates are available on any projects.

We look forward to be of service to you.


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"We Value and Appreciate Your Business"

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